The best cures this summertime

The beginning of autumn signs the massive arrival of the curists in the thermal centres. This period of rush then has palpable consequences: high attendance, more stressed staff, etc. It is then far from the family atmosphere conducive to relaxation, but in summer, it is more different.

Proceed to reserve a spa treatment

As a first step, it is necessary that you look for your accommodation. To do this, you must first determine the dates you would like to make your stay. Once you have chosen the accommodation, you will be able to enrol in the spa of your choice. Finally, you will have to make an appointment with a spa doctor on the station of Dax for the day of your arrival. This doctor will follow you during the treatment, and you will write the prescription to present to the care before the start of your cure. To be supported by the Social Security, the spa treatment must be of a duration of 3 weeks. It is the thermal doctor of the station who will determine the care that you will perform during the 3 weeks. It’s up to you to determine the starting date of your cure. We would like to let you know that the peak periods for jacuzzi tub treatments are the months of September and October.

Thermal cure and budget

Besides the climate, another essential element can be decisive in the choice of the period: the budget. It goes without saying that the prices of a spa treatment are covered by health insurance. All thermal centres, therefore, charge identical rates. However, a cure must necessarily take place over three consecutive weeks. You have to rent a house for three weeks. In this area, disparities are observed. You should also know that a spa located near the sea has higher rental rates during the summer.

In conclusion, to choose the right thermal destination, you have to compare the price of the rentals according to the desired period.

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