Aesthetic and decorative criteria


In addition to their functionality, the bathtubs are distinguished by their design. To bring a modern and trendy note to your water feature, opt for an inexpensive built-in whirlpool bathtub. Its installation requires some work but the result is worth it. The inexpensive built-in whirlpool bath offers incomparable aesthetics to your room! Oval, round, corner, rectangular or asymmetrical, bathtubs give a modern and designer style to your room through their shape.

Additional accessories and options

Many accessories are available to improve your comfort:

- Adjustable nozzles to target the areas to be massaged
- Turbo mode
 - Cushions to improve the seat
 - The waterfall spout with water blade effect
 - The hand shower
 - An anti-odor system which facilitates the cleaning of the nozzles by an air projection system
 - A grab bar to facilitate balance
 - Storage bins for towels and bath accessories
 - A radio, a USB port and built-in speakers to stream your favorite music

Sophisticated models to enhance well-being

Treat yourself to a moment of absolute relaxation by taking advantage of luxury jacuzi tubs models at low prices. The most sophisticated models will allow you to benefit from many effects. Have you decided to share moments of relaxation for two in a rectangular two-seater spa bath? Amplify relaxation by opting for the addition of effects such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy.


This therapy is based on the effects of colors on the body. The bathtub is equipped with LED lights which diffuse lights of different hues. These LEDs are placed at the level of the nozzles and on the inner contour of the bathtub

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